Lag issues on my new card

I just bought a GTX 570 with a new PSU and have encountered a problem.

While I can turn my settings to the highest, for instance on Diablo 3, I get mini lag spikes that basically freeze my game for half a second, or even less, and then resume. They happen all of the time as well.

Even for a game that doesn't take a lot, such as Guild Wars 1, has the same issues when I am in a town. On my old Really bad card, I wouldn't even get these lag spikes on Guild Wars 1 with the same settings.

In League of Legends I am lagging an extreme amount. I know this is Not my Internet as well, because no one else is on it and it's always been perfectly fine.

The settings go high, but I just seem to get these spikes of either lag or something else. Is there something I am forgetting to do after installing new drivers or what?
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  1. what is the specs on the rest of the system including your new powersupply? Also do these lag spikes happen in single player as well? How about when you turn the resolution way down?
  2. My CPU is an AMD II X4 945. My PSU is 600w.

    In GW1, when I am alone there aren't any as far as I went. In Diablo 3 there were still spikes when a lot of enemies came at me.

    When I turn my settings down on D3, the spikes stop. But I had to turn them down all the way for them to completely stop.
  3. hmm.....have you tried removing the graphics drivers completely and installing the latest ones from nvidia?
  4. That's what I did already. I literally did that yesterday.
  5. what brand psu do you have? it could be not providing enough power to the gpu....if turning the resolution down makes the lag spikes stop it makes me feel that the gpu is just getting bogged down like your fps is dropping when alot of *** happens on your screen....thats normal but completely freezing for a second then going normal isnt. what are the specs of the rest of your system?
  6. Well it's like its some lag spike. You know basically stops and starts again. That's what happens.

    I have a Corsair PSU.

    I'm unsure of what else to give you.

    Regardless of my settings..I Should be able to run Diablo 3 on my pc with the highest settings flawlessly.
  7. what processor do you have? how much ram is in your system? do you have alot of hdd space left or is it filling up?
  8. My CPU is an AMD II X4 945..
    I have 8gb of RAM.

    I have plenty of space.
  9. hmm thats all good so that doesnt explain the lag spikes....just to be clear the lag spikes are not choppy game play its full on freezes for a second? do you have fraps installed? if not download it its free and run a benchmark and play the game....keep an eye on ur fps and see if it dips down low or goes from a nice high number to 0 then back up
  10. Perhaps it is choppy game play. But it's not like it's full on choppy gameplay...the graphics are there and that's definitely not something I could do before.

    But I should be able to play on the highest settings flawlessly..the choppy gameplay should not be there.

    I say it's not full on because it's not there the entire time, it's just every few seconds I move to a new place when I am with other people. Or if I am by myself, a lot of enemies.
  11. yea that will happen when your gpu goes under heavy load and cant handle it your fps will drop low and it will be choppy...but when there is not a heavy load on the screen (like when you are by yourself) the gpu doesnt need to work as hard and is able to produce alot of fps causing the game play to be a benchmark using fraps and let me know what your average fps is a forum post of a user who has the same or similar issue as you.

    give what he tried a shot and see what happens
  12. So if that is the can I fix it?

    I was told I would be able to run high D3 settings and be perfectly fine with what I have.
  13. if it is the fact that your gpu is just struggling to play it then it is what it is you cant do anything about it.....I would google search some benchmarks online to make sure that your 570 is working just like everyone else's 570 before you jump to any conclusions
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