Upgrade from 960T? 3570k/8350

I've been running on a 960T @ 3 ghz for up until September of 2012 when I finally decided to get a hyper 212 EVO and OC'd to 4 ghz. I like this processor very much and it's a good one to game with but I still feel I can get better performance with something else.

I've been debating about getting a 3570k or an FX-8350 but the thing is that I don't want to buy a new 1155 board along with the 3570k.
-I know the 3570k outperforms the 8350 in single threaded applications but is it really a substantial difference between the two?
-Is it really worth the extra $150 to get a new mobo with the 3570k even if it has a 10 fps difference?
-Will going to an 8350 from 960t even make a difference in gaming?
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    the only real facor is that many people can get the 8350 up past 4.5ghs and the 960t's limits is 3.8-4.2. Will it make a difference in most games - only a few frames per second and only in some games.

    Going to Intel would leave you with no improvement to upwards of 20FPS depending on the game.
  2. If your board supports the FX 8350 it'd be easier just to get that
  3. Agree with the above if the board supports the FX8350.
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