Can i copy hard drive from laptopto a desktop win7

I purchased a new laptop with win7 home oem. I immediately purchased a full version of win7 ultimate which I installed and am running. I am building a new desktop. I want to install the win7 ultimate (64) on the new dt, and revert to the oem win7 on the laptop. How can I clone one onto the other? Once that is done I would then format the laptop, and do the activations.
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  1. Did you backup the Win7 Home to another HDD, or do you have the disk?. If so, just backup any data you want, then re-image/install Home premium to it. If you haven't got either, you will have to contact Microsoft/Laptop manufacturer for another copy of Windows to install on the same product key (should be fine since its the same mobo).

    As for the Win 7 Ultimate on the desktop, your best off with a fresh install. Since the Ultimate isn't OEM there shouldn't be a problem with installing it.
  2. look on your laptop support to see if there was a restore partion on the laptop.if it still there all you have to do is power up and hold one of the f keys to start the system restore. if not it a small fee to get a set of restore disk for a vendor.
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