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Hello all,

I live in Victoria, Australia, and I just bought a Hauppauge HVR-2210 Media Centre Kit. I installed it correctly, installed drivers and it was recognized. I then jumped into Windows Media Centre to set up the TV channels to find that it

a.) Couldn't find the program guide for my area and;
b.) Couldn't find any channels at all.

I've got a digital amplified indoor antenna plugged into the card, I've selected antenna in the Media Centre set up and selected digital tuners, but I don't get anything at all.

I'd appreciate any help at all on this as I'm very inexperienced with TV tuners.
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  1. First make sure that digital TV is available in your area. Australia is still in the process of switching over. Some areas won't be available until sometime in 2013. Check with this site for more info.
    You can type in your address to see whats available.

    Also, try moving your antenna around the room to find the "Sweet Spot" Often it is in an odd place like the center of the room. Different channels may have a different sweet spot. The height of the antenna is also an issue and higher is not always better. Sometime the antenna will work better closer to the floor.
  2. Thanks for that, I typed in my address and it said I switched over in May 2011. I'll try moving the antenna around and see how that goes.

    The software that came with the card does can not find any channels either.
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