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I never done any type of networking before and would like to know if a dsl 4 port modem be used to set up a printer between to computers or do I still need a hub?
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  1. First let us know if the printers is a networking printer. If it is plug on end of a network cable to you router or switch(hub are becoming obsolute) and the other end to the back of the printer. Next install the software and follow the instructions there to add the printer to you computer. You can also add the printer if you go to windows button>devices and printers>add printer(Windows 7). For windows XP go to start button>settings>printers. Forllow the steps I just mentioned to add ther printer to as many computers you have in your network.

    If your printer is not a network one, then you will have to connect it to your computer directly via USB cable. Once installed go to printer settings and share the printer. Once the printer has been shared all other computers can connect to it through the computer hosting the printer.

    The difference between a having the printer hooked up to you router/switch or directly to your computers is that when connected to your computer you will ony be able to print if the computer hosting the printer is on. If connected to your router/switch printer is alwasy available.

    Let us know.
  2. Thank you for your reply. My sister wanted her husbands computer connected to her printer. I finally got ahold of my son and he explained to me on what to do. After questioning her on why she even wanted the 2nd computer connected, I resolved the issue.

    In my attempt to network the two computers, I came upon a puzzling issue I could not fix or understand. Both computer run windows 7. The host computer singed up to the group ok but the other computer had an issue with the ipv6. Even tho it is connected to the internet and works, I found that there was no local area connection to enable the ipv6. When i click on the change network adapter, the screen is blank.

    My only solution is to wipe the hard drive and reinstall the os which it really needs.

    So I consider that computer a dead issue and thank you for your reply but I am still very curious as to why the microsoft client and properties could not be found should I run into this again in the future. Highly unlikely but possible.
  3. You don't need IPv6 enable we are not using it yet as it is at a testing phase. If the other computer could not join the work group then it is another problem not related to IPv6.
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