Help working out the last few kinks in a new build

I recently built a new pc below is my build out

I am still getting errors telling me windows is running slow. Which is not the case but I am still getting the messages.

My build:
ASUS?P8Z77-V LX Intel Z77 Chipset LGA 1155 MB
Seagate 1.5TB Serial ATA HD 7200/64MB/SATA-6G X2
OCZ Vertex 3 120GB SATA III 2.5" SSD "which is what the OS is on"
Corsair Vengeance 32GB DDR3 1600MHz CL10 Kit 4x8GB
Windows 7 64 bit
XFX HD 7850 CORE ED 860MHz 2GB X2

I am using the OS on a SSD and also using the SSD cache drive to back it up.

So this is a two fold question.

1. Why am I still getting the messages telling me I am running slow, which at no time even with four windows of EVE online running and Firefox open and ten other not so intensive programs going does my system tell me the memory is at no larger than 15% and the cpu is at 3%?

2. Would I not see in virtual memory that the 50gb cache drive is in play? It tells me I have 66gb of VM allocated, but I am also using all the drives under windows management.

I would like to stop receiving the messages if there is no issue, and also if I have made an error in my build please let me know.
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  1. May I ask why you have an SSD cache drive for an SSD? There would be no performance difference.
    And 32GB of RAM is way overkill. And 66GB of Virtual memory, did you make the cache into one massive Pagefile?

    But anyway, I would be more inclined to think you have a virus on your machine that's telling you its running slow so hopefully you will buy a magic fix to make it faster. Boot into safemode and run an anti-virus scan.

    If its actually Windows telling you its slow, no idea. I would just Google the error message it outputs and see if theres a fix.
  2. Ok, A magic fix. That is very helpful to hear there is one out there. I will try the virus under safemode. I did not do anything to the cache drive the software does it all for you, that was the point of the question, but I guess that did not come over that way. So just so I understand what you had started out by saying there is not reason to add a cache drive to a system with a SSD already installed as the primary OS drive?

    All said, thank you for the advice of the maybe unknown magic fix and Anti Virus idea.
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    The point of an SSD cache is to hold the commonly accessed data of a HDD, so that way it can deliver the files most frequently called for at SSD speeds. So having an SSD cache on an SSD drive will give no performance increase as they should be roughly equivalent in speed anyway.

    Also about the pagefile (also known as Virtual RAM), with that much RAM, you can just get rid of it and have yourself 16GB of storage back on the C: Drive. The pagefile acts as overflow if the physical ram is ever overloaded (At 32GB I dont see how it could). The extra 50GB's must be the cache drive, maybe the system considers it as virtual RAM.
  4. I am realizing the obvious now that I have over built my PC. I first had the idea of using the 32gb of memory as being enough that I would not need to use the drives at all for anything other than static storage. But for some reason after I got done building it I kept getting those annoying messages from windows. So I went on and purchased the SSD cache drive, and i get your point it has not done anything to help me out. I still get the messages but not I have such a massive PF that I should have no worries of slow down, not that it is slow by any means. With taking in consideration that the PC has taken not only what it allocates on drive for PF's but also the cache drive for full amount of PF's is there any other settings I can do for this to be as set as it can. In your best opinion of course, I get with out seeing it you may not be able to do that.
  5. Just so I can feel like not such a dumb *** for over building. I use my pc for work and of course play. I run four large monitors, two for work and two for playing games while I work. I also put all my movies on the computer and send it out to any room in the house using wireless media servers. In the past with other pc's I kept running into the pc's being slow dues to not having enough memory to do all of that at the same time and what not. So I thought I can and I will build a what I thought was not too overkill but more than enough that I never have to see a slow screen again. Which please do not mistake it is not slow, it is actually stupid fast, not quite sure why I thought two video cards was needed but with four monitors it was. But everything runs super fast, but it just concerns me from time to time I am noticing some types of slow down in video display in games, but that ok it can all be perfect.
  6. Oh yeah, I went down to 800mb on the C: drive SSD cause there was just no reason in my opinion to use any of it. Does that make sense.
  7. Did you reduce the size of the drive to 800Mb, how is the PC even running? I am fairly sure that Win 7 is around 20GB.

    Also can you rephrase the question in the post after my last one, I can sense one in their but the wording is a bit jumbled.
  8. No real question in there, just banter. I am sorry now that your first estimate of my looking here was for that magic fix all question and answer routine is true.

    I have reduce the VM on the main SSd drive holding the OS to 800mb, the drive is not partitioned at all. I just did that in the middle of us going back and forth. Before you have to ask, I had gotten that info of the 800mb off of Microsoft's website to the bare minimum it could be at. Problem either read it wrong, but the system has not since given me that stupid message.
  9. Ah, it seems there was misunderstandings on both sides.
    I didn't accuse you of coming here looking for a magic fix, I was just describing what some virus' do to fool people. Often a virus will enter the system and pose as anti-virus software or Windows, and tell the user that the machine is in danger of virus' or some bullshit, and will attempt to sell you a "magic fix" that will clear the issue up. Running a true anti-virus will find the fake one and get rid of it.

    Anyway, it seems your problem is legit. And it seems to be fixed by reducing the pagefile to 800Mb (which is the minimum cause it still uses it for crash reports and such).
  10. I was not inferring that you meant that. I am now thinking I might have a virus, I use
    bitdefender for virus software which runs all the time under what it calls autopilot, it will restart and what not to ensure its up to date and such. Also I use Spybot search and destroy. Am I wrong in thinking I should not have much to worry about.
  11. Virus-wise you should be fine with two anti-virus' running. So its not that, but still run a scan in safemode if you want to be sure. Just restart the PC, bash whatever button will get you into boot options and select "Safe Mode With Networking". Then just run the scan.
  12. I am very thankful for all your help. So sorry for the mumbling and I will try these ideas out. Have a good day...
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