Is thsi any good for gaming and i want to overclock

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  1. For $150 it isn't too bad, and you probably could overclock but an i3 3220 and B75 motherboard would be better, even a 2120 would beat it.
  2. Main thing is the price is negotiable, I think 150 is to high since it is used no fan/heatsink or warranty. If you get it for 100-120 it is a good deal.
  3. hey is the mobo any good for overclocking
  4. It's a good deal the CPU would cost 80 to 90 on ebay, the board is fine it will oc pretty good too, it will take 16 gigs of ddr3 @1666oc,, offer 120 for it and barter some, I'd probably go the whole 150 if i had to, but he said negotiable so negotiate
  5. hey far coud i overclock the cpu to do u guys think
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