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I bought a MOTOROLA SBG6580 SURFboard Wireless Cable Modem from Newegg because it was the best modem I could find under Cable one's Compatible Modems list, but they did not mention that with my Package, the Phone Service needs a modem as well.

I had absolutely no idea the phone services required a Modem. The way they make it sound is that instead of using the Modem I WANT to use I have to get their sub par at best modem with phone and internet built in, which also means I get to clutter my desk with a Phone when I have a perfectly good Coaxial outlet in my kitchen just waiting for my phone.

I'm fine with buying a Phone modem I just don't want to get rid of my Motorola Modem for their over priced/rented Modems.

So my question is can I use a Phone Modem on one outlet and my internet Modem on another, I know they assign MAC Addresses to Internet Modems but do they and are they willing to assign another one to a Phone modem? If I'm just using it for my phone I don't see why they couldn't assign a second mac to a Telephony Modem.

But Cable Company's will do anything for an extra buck.
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  1. Yes they can register the internet to one modem and the phone service to another. I have had to do it a few times when needed. Just need to make sure there is enough signal to make both work.

    If you only plan on having 1 phone hooked into the phone mdm let the tech know that and ok it for him to not tie in you existing phone wire. Though I would still recommend him to disconnect the phone companies box outside.

    If you have a alarm that will be using the cable phone service than make sure it works properly. They will need to have a cable jack and phone jake in the same location or add one.
  2. So I just Call them and ask them to designate a MAC address to my Phone Modem?

    They want me to buy a Modem off their site for $140 but I can gt the exact same Modem on Amazon for $40 is it safe to get it off Amazon?
  3. They should give you the option to rent their modem. Thier modems are normally a piece of junk imo, or at least the ones I worked with. If they say you have to buy one instead of renting theres (shouldnt be more than 2-4 a month), I would buy online instead.

    Phone modems seem to be more easily prone to surges and as a result more likely need to be replaced more often. If you buy one you have to deal with the hassle of getting it replaced. If you rent one you can just have the cable company replace it at no charge. Not sure what they charge to replace a modem you buy through them is though.

    P.S. Why even a home line at all. With cell phones the home lines have become nearly obsolete. Unless you live in a dead zone or have a alarm system. Not sure if i would trust cable phone if I was worried I would need my alarm system.
  4. They offered it to Rent but I asked the Tech if I could have the one for Rent and my Internet Modem and he said you could only have one Modem.. I don't know if he didn't understand my question or what. There's 3 reasons I got the Phone

    1. it raises my bandwidth Cap from 50gb a month to 100gb a month by getting the package instead of just internet.

    2. There's a job as a Phone customer service that I'm trying to get that requires a home phone

    3. I run a PC Repair and I'd much rather have a lin dedicated to that instead of using up my Cell phone minutes.

    But if having a Phone forces me to get rid of my Modem.. I just wont use that service.

    and I didn't know they were prone to surges so my best best probably would be to rent one.

    Thank you for your time, and I don't think I have a choice but to use their Phone modems they don't have a Phone modem compatibility List so I'm assuming only theirs are accepted.
  5. What I would advice is just to have the service scheduled to be installed and when the tech comes explain it to them. The support you talk to are probably told that in order to avoid having the company put 2 modems in a house. The tech who comes out should be able to talk to his tier support to set up two different modems if he doesnt know how. If it comes down to it just ask to talk to his supervisor and explain the situation.
    I would also avoid buying the phone modem. They are not worth it imo and the package you signed up for probably includes the modem in the price.
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