WiFi/Hotspot wireless to repeater (?) then ethernet

Hi - can this be done?
I can get a good wireless WiFi signal. Distance approx. 150 m. I wish to catch it with a device and connect a router to it with an ethernet cable. The device to be mounted outside - router inside apartment. I can fix a box for the device. Temperature never below +3-5C. So grateful if there is a not too expensive solution.
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  1. Are you asking if you can take the signal from an indoor router and extend it to reach outside? And you want this to be wireless?

    I suppose you could, they do make outdoor wireless repeaters, but most of them are fairly expensive. The extender would "catch" the wireless signal broadcast from the wireless router and extend the range.

    If you were to make a temperature controlled box that was weatherproof i suppose you could use an indoor extender. But it may not be as easy since you would need a place where the antenna could go through the box, but that would be sealed an not let the weather in. Even morning dew could really ruin the extender.
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