Strange black lines all over the screen

Hey guys,

I'm experiencing a strange problem right now with my display.


My specs:

Core i7 930 (1st gen)
8GB RAM (2x2gb+1x4gb)
600W Corsair PSU
MSI 560Ti Twin Frozr

The monitor is definitely not the problem. I took my CPU at a friend's place and everything looked the same. It's not a software problem as well, because it happens in Fedora Linux as well as Windows 7.

What's wrong? Is something off with my graphics card? Hardware-wise?
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  1. Hello,

    Looks like a GPU problem. Do you have a spare one to try out?
  2. It looks like your graphics card has opted for early retirement. Does it happen right away, or when it has been on for a while? If the former, it's basically done, although you may be able to underclock it and clear up the problem at least temporarily. If the latter, it may be overheating. Clean all the dust out of its heatsink and see if that helps.
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