Temperatures way too high?

Hey guys,

I've got a question here... I already think that I know the answer.
3 or 4 months ago I bought this new PC and also ordered an Antec Kuhler h2o 620 for my Intel i5 2500.

Now I was playing Far Cry 3 Co-op while skyping with a friend and when I closed the game I suddenly realized that something was smelling like burned toast. After a second or 20 I found out where it was coming from: the back fan (where the antec Kuhler is connected to)
So as fast as I could I installed Core Temp and saw that my cpu temp was still around 80 degrees. Then I closed Far Cry and the temps dropped to around 30-35 degrees for idle.

So I downloaded Prime95 and started doing tests. I actually reached 85 degrees max.
i5 2500 isn't overclocked and the Antec never gave any trouble.

But this can't be right... right?
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  1. Ok, sorry guys. Already fixed the problem. There was a problem with the custom fan on the computer case. One of the cables wasn't attached to the PSU properly so it wasn't working well. Now it's fixed.

    Temperatures don't go above ±62 degrees now! :)
  2. 62 for water cooling still seems a bit hot. i run BF3 on high settings and don't get above 50 with my cooler master V8 air cooler. are you sure you can't get it cooler?
  3. you might want to check/reapply your thermal compound I run air cooled 4 corewith a mild OC and 52c is as high as I've seen after a heavy session of FC3
  4. I was talking about the temperatures reaching 62 degrees max when running Prime95. I'm gonna test it today with Black ops 2, BF3 and FC3 and I'll keep you guys posted
    Thanks for the advice!
  5. Problem is fixed. Temps don't go above 54 degrees now. It was the faulty fan after all. Still thanks for the help guys!
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