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I'm looking to upgrade from my CM Scout to something bigger. I really like the look of the 800D but the price and the fact that it has bad airflow keep me from making the purchase. If I'm paying close to $300 for a case, it should be perfect.

Does anyone know of a case with a similar appearance and decent features? A good cable management setup and dust filters are important to me. As is room to fit any GPU. Fancy drive bays don't matter.

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  1. Aero cool and bitfenix I like not sure if you also like them aswell the colossus in nice and very cheap. I also had the corsair 800d but I actually gave it to my brother and got a bitfenix colossus case because the cable management on corsair is horrible and if you use the back part behind the mobo tray the side bulges I tried literally everything and could not get it to work. (I don't like the corsair 800d because it was a huge waste of money and I thought it was a lot worse than it looked on their website)
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