Is this a good system?

I am currently researching my first build and have chosen parts. I will most likely order parts tomorrow and would like advice on this system which I will use for gaming and general use.

CPU : Intel i5 2300 (only 100 pounds on amazon right now)
GPU : xfx radeon 6850
Motherboard : gigabyte xkt-1155 z68AP-d3 (rev1.0)
Memory : Crucial pc1333 2x2 gb
Hard drive : Seagate Barracuda 500gb
PSU : Alpine silent 650 watt 120mm
Case : CIT vantage midi mesh gaming case.

Is this build compatible and could I get similar performance for less as I cannot afford more than the 420 pounds this build costs.
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  1. Looks OK, you could save money by going for a H61 motherboard since you probably won't need the features of Z68 anyway.

    I would also get a better quality, lower wattage PSU like the Antec EA-380D or Corsair CX-430. Your peak load should be like 250-300W so ~400W is plenty.
  2. thanks for your reply, i will definitely consider a cheaper mobo as I am new to building and dont really understand motherboards yet.
  3. I understand this might be the wrong section to ask but is hdmi important in a motherboard for gaming as MSI H61l e35 (b3) looks like a solid board but lacks hdmi.
  4. For a gaming machine it is of no significance whatsoever since you will be plugging your monitor into your graphics card.
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