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Are there any places where I can buy a new Lenovo laptop except online? There are very few electronic retail stores such as Best Buy or Staples, Office Max and the ones that are near me either don't carry the products or are out of stock. I would like to buy it at a retailer in person but there aren't a lot of stores. Price range is from $500 to $600, maybe a little more depending on item but not more than $650. Thanks
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  1. The Office Depot near me often has one, but at any store you're not going to get much variety. In my experience, Lenovo is good about returns, tough. I once bought a ~$600 laptop with a bad screen-door effect on the screen, and an intel GPU with terrible drivers and they took it back no problem. I love my workstation Lenovo, however. So... I can understand wanting to see it first! Good luck on your search.

    1. I wouldn't recommend one with intel graphics.
    2. Do NOT get a RAM upgrade. The prices are insane.
  2. I live in South Jersey in Deptford but I don't mind driving to places like Cherry Hill. The BestBuy in Deptford has one Lenovo laptop (I think the Ideapad Z570) but thats it. I will look again and check to see which places offer them. Lenovo has one of the best customer support around and they have quality reliable computers. I'm not going to be playing games on it and if I am it is only going to be games that aren't graphics intensive so the intel hd 3000/4000 should be fine. I don't really think I need a RAM upgrade but thanks for the advice.
  3. How good is this laptop: HP Pavilion g7-1340dx
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