Antec One front panel audio problem, no Jack Sensing


I’m having a problem with the front panel audio with my new Antec One case. While the headphone jack plays sound fine the problem is that it doesn't detect when headphones are plugged in and does not mute the rear speakers. Jack Sensing is not working at all and Realtek HD Audio Manger marks both the headphone and mic jack as permanently plugged in.

I've tried re-installing the audio drivers many times and can verify that an HD Audio header is plugged into the mobo and not an AC’97.

Could anyone with an Antec One confirm whether or not the front audio panel supports Jack Sensing? If so anyone has any idea’s why mine’s not working? Thanks.
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  1. Hi Twin Suns,

    Thank you for notifying us about this. It could be that you have a faulty front port assembly. What is your motherboard?

    Also, if you can create a ticket on our website by going to this link:

    On the trouble priority, pick on spare parts and if it's asking for a serial number, we don't need them because they are only valid on power supplies, just put random numbers in that section. Then once we've received your ticket, we ask for a valid proof of purchase and once we've received the proper documentation, we will order your replacement front panel ports and we will send it to you for free. No need to send us the whole case.

    Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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