ATI HD 6850 overheating issue

today I heard my PC revving like a car engine, upon looking closer I found that it was my video card. I checked the catalyst control center software and it said that my video card was running at 100 degrees celcius when I had world of warcraft running. It seems to run somewhere between 50 - 60 idle. I had absolutely no problems yesterday,
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  1. Have you overclocked the card? Or blocked any of the fans in your computer case?
  2. I did overclock the card, however when I noticed the obscene temperature I quickly reset the settings to default. I don't think there's any interference with the fans in the case, prior to today the card ran at probably 70 degrees in game.
  3. some of my other specs: cpu is the intel i7 2600 and I have 8 gigs of ram.
  4. You should use a custom fan profile or enable manual fan control in CCC.
  5. I have manual fan control enabled and turned up to 100% in CCC.
  6. What happens when you select default and no man. fan (auto)? Did you update the drivers to the beta? If so roll back to the 12.4 version. Does it overheat and rev the fan when set to default and auto fan control?
  7. the driver version is 12.4, no beta. it continues to rev and overheat on default and auto-fan control. I cleaned out a lot of dust in the fans in the case to no effect.
  8. Try the BETA driver and see what happens:

    It may be malfunctioning, a connection is loose, or possibly the PSU.
  9. I'll give that a shot.
  10. It may be the CCC/driver installation is corrupt. Try reinstalling but first choose the remove option, then do a clean install.
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