Whats wrong with my computer or gpu

I got a new geforce 8800 gt i put it in the desktop .
When i turned it on , it was a loud beep noise . Like it was gonna catch fire or something .
Maybe it was just something with the bios .
I dont think so though..

I have a 250 w psu
With these components
Amd anthlon x2 5000+
320 gb hdd
Nvidia onboard graphics .
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  1. Quote:
    I have a 250 w psu

    thats the problem.
  2. The problem is your PSU. You need to upgrade your PSU, your 8800GT consumes a lot of power.
  3. 250w is not enough you need a bigger power supply. Im surprised that 250w psu even had the 6-pin connector the 8800gt requires.
  4. Haha thanks guys .. ill upgrade . What wattage do you guys prefer
  5. Get a 400W from either of these brands. Corsair, Seasonic, Antec.
  6. Will do
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