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I was wanting to replace all the capacitors on my XBOX circuit board, since I have made a case for it, with see through panels, green coolent etc., the addition to smaller, maybe golden capacitors would make it look much more attractive.

Starting off, I was wanting to replace the very large, 820UF 6.3V capacitors, on the board. I was looking at these off eBay, and was wondering if they would likely be compatible and work with the rest of the components:

If so, is it safe to spray paint the capacitors, using non-conductive, with extremely high boiling tempreture, products? I feel it would cause no problems, but don't feel 100% with it..
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  1. Couldn't tell ya to be honest, This Is more of a PC type place, so you might be sitting with no replies for awhile.
  2. I would consider it on my own electronics, but I tend to be more careful when advising others with their stuff.

    So, if you can find the specs for the OEM parts and compare them to the ebay specs here:

    CAPACITOR, 820UF, 6.3V
    Capacitance Tolerance:± 20%
    Voltage Rating:6.3V
    Life Time @ Temperature:2000 hours @ 105¬_C
    Capacitor Terminals:Radial Leaded
    Lead Spacing:5mm
    Operating Temperature Range:-55¬_C to +105¬_C
    SVHC:No SVHC (19-Dec-2011)
    AC Ripple Current:6800mA
    Capacitor Mounting:Through Hole
    External Length / Height:13mm
    Lead Diameter:0.6mm
    Lead Length:19mm
    Leakage Current:1033µA
    No. of Pins:2
    Operating Lifetime:2000h
    Termination Type:Wire Leads

    Particularly tolerance, operating temps, ESR, AC ripple current, etc.

    Getting "close" will usually work for a single capacitor (or other component), but if you are replacing all of them, you will want to be very close.

    Component variance can add up to "out of spec" at some point.

    Since it's just for looks, I would consider just painting the existing caps.
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