First Build - need some help and not sure if everything is compatible

First build so let me know what you think

Im not sure what case to get so if you have an idea or suggestion it is welcome
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    more or less what i would get

    for the psu, today is the last day that you can get it for 119.99. its fully modular, 80+ gold, and made by seasonic. get it now

    for the monitor, if you got a little more cash, id definitly get a asus pa238q monitor. the vs228h-p is good too
  2. do you think 750w would power crossfire 7950s? i plan to do this down the road
  3. gtx670s are better. 750w is more than enough
  4. the more i crunch the numbers, 670 is too expensive.
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  6. the 7970s arent that much more you know....
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