Need help with choosing a psu

Hey im going to buy this build
with some parts like the case and memory changed.

here are two notable things I noticed about the psu,

1. It has no Active PFC protection.
2. It's not 80Plus certified (in fact, it has only 72% efficiency according to Kingwin)

So im not sure if I should still buy it for if someone has an idea for a replacement, post it
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  1. Yes that PSU is crap and your rig will run on a 450watt quality PSU. Here is a quality XFX 550watt
  2. I know they are more expensive, but I prefer 80+ rated PSs. The one that Rolli59 rec'd is good and less expensive.

    Stick with Antec, Corsair, Silverstream, Seasonic, XFX or higher end Rosewill. Although I have friends that love Kingwin, I have never had much faith in them.
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