Best Graphics Card for Optiplex 745?

Hello, I have a Optiplex 745 Desktop. I'm wondering what would be the best graphics card to play video games like Team Fortress 2, Half-Life 2, etc. Please help
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  1. EDIT: I meant Mini-Tower, not Desktop
  2. You really can't add anything to it. We have a bunch of these at work. The PSUs are inadequate, they generate a ton of heat without a GPU in the mix. I wouldn't bother.
  3. That sucks D:
  4. I have several Optiplex 760's and have worked and played heavily with 755's and 745's. You could probably get decent gaming performance for the games you are playing out of a Radeon 7750.

    It is single slot so the BTX orientation of the Optiplex won't be a problem, and it will run off the 75 watts provided by the pci-e slot.

    You won't get monster frame rates, but at low resolutions and low textures it should be able to play nearly everything on it (BF3, Diablo3, Skyrim, Crisis, etc). Less demanding games will run much better obviously.

    And I disagree with Sinister. They don't "Generate a ton of heat". They are very efficient because of the BTX layout and the power efficient cpu (65 watts). I've found the power supplies to be reliable and of good quality. Plus these machines are ridiculously inexpensive these days.

  5. Thanks
  6. I guess it would depend on the desktop version. We use SFF 745, 755, 760, 780, and 790. The 745s are P4, while the 755/760/780 are Core2. The 745s generate a ton of heat. It's killed numerous PSUs and HDDs because of that factor. The tower versions may be better with heat.

    I still wouldn't put a gaming video card in it, though.
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