All soundcards suck?

Is there any sound cards that don't give problems?

I see posts with people having trouble with the SBLive, the Philips, etc. OK, I know it's only the people who have problems post so you tend to get a one sided view, but still, there's a lot of problems...

The Herc Theatre is out of my price range, but how about he SonicFury? Any big problems with that (Abit KT7A mobo, Win2k/SP2)?

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  1. I have an sblive value. Use for over 2 years with 3 different motherboard did not have any problem.
  2. I've got a Soundblaster Live Value too and I've had few problems, nothing that took more than a bit of repeated driver reinstalling to sort out. But I'm going for a 5:1 system and many of them seem to give problems...


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  3. There are no known compatability issues with the Philips Acoustics Edge and chipsets, memory, cpu, motherboards, you name it. Those people that have problems with them probably do not know what they are doing or are doing something wrong.

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  4. Yeah, it looks like it will be that or the Sonicfury (Santa Cruz to US visitors I think).


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  5. I have never tested/used the card, but it has gotten some good reviews and other people who owns them say it is good as well.

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  6. i prefer the Diamond Monster Sound MX-300 or the MX-400 sound cards. I have used them on Win 9x and Win2k platforms without any problems. the sound is clean & crisp, install is smooth, and the price is right. Alson if you want to add a second set of speakers, both cards have a second channel for surround sound. This is just my $.02

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  7. Vortex2 cards sound great and are not 100% compatable with VIA chipsets. SB Live cards sound OK and have the VIA 686B issue. Notice a common problem?

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  8. aureal vortex2 is the best

  9. I have tried to put the Ensonic Edge on an XP Machine and they are not compatible. Soundblaster is XP compatible though so if you plan on getting XP, make sure that you buy a SB. On another note, I have installed many SB live cards and various machines without any problems at all. The main consern is when installing them, pick the right PCI slot and make sure they are not sharing any IRQ's with anything else.

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  10. I curretnly have the Phillips acoustic edge and it works great. I had a sound blaster live card and it wasnt exactly a keeper if you know what i mean. Anyway im not saying Phillips is the best but you were saying that these posts are all one sided well I posted this messege in hopes that you will want to revise that there title of yours.

    If you want to know about driver compatibility i am using win 98se right now and i plan on upgrading my os to XP in the next few days...i have had the cd, just been lazy last couple of days:)
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