1440x900 for the gtx 550 ti

Do you think that a gtx 550 ti (Non-SLI) will be able to run games such as crysis 2 on ultra on a 19" monitor with a resolution of 1440x900 will ? :o
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    at that resolution yes, but still you might want something stronger..

    Thanks, I'll get another 550 ti so i can play at a higher res. I'm just starting off with this build so i don't expect anything too wonderful just yet. Plus, I'm young and poor. :pfff:
  3. ct1615 said:
    if you team it up with a solid CPU (and PSU) you will have no problem running games at their highest settings at that resolution. you may not always be at 60FPS but you will get playable FPS.

    Yeah I'm getting an i5-2500k so I was just double-checking before i buy
  4. I thought two cards were better than one card. Look, I'm not going to buy a gtx 690 lol. My next upgrade would either be another 550 ti or a gtx 570. I read reviews that the gtx 570 beats the radeon 6950 at lower resolutions.
  5. so if you were in my shoes, what would you choose for a 1440x900 resolution. I know its not high, but i want a small monitor anyways because i find that its easier on your eyes because your so close to the screen and you don't have to look all around the screen if you play first person shooters. I have an i5-2500k.
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    how $$ you got for the card realistically.?

    around $200
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    nVidia card or also looking at (the enemy) HD Radeon.?

    TBH, I'd rather get two gtx 550 TI's because their cheaper and their not going to be under as much stress as one card would be.
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