Gtx 670 SLI, enough for 3 displays?

Hey whats up guys? Thanks for all the comments regarding my first 670 post. A little bit about my build...I have a 3770k oc'd to 4.2ghz, 2 gtx 670's SLI (msi OC edition) 16 GB of corsair vengeance 1600 ram, Phantom 410 case with a hyper 612 2 cooler and a total of 7 fans including the one on the cooler. What I want to do is use 3 27" displays in 1920x1080 resolution, but I only have room for my 2 GTX 670's......I wanted to know from you guys if what I have would be enough for powering 3 would I be getting solid fps in BF3 or in general what kind of expectations should I expect. Also, if anyone here has the same setup or something near what I have then please chime in and tell me your experience and tips/tweaks. I forgot to mention both of my cards have a mild OC via the msi afterburner utility, and my 3770k is OC also from the msi OC utility from my msi z77a-gd55 main board. Thanks in advance guys i look forward to seeing your commments. I am going to try and post more pictures of my rig, but if you wanna see what i have my avatar is a pic of my computer. peace.
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  1. Yep, it'll definitely be enough. 2 GTX 670's are amazing.
  2. Two 670's in SLI will power 3 monitors as if they were one. You have put together a very very nice gaming rig. I don't see you having a problem with anything. Do benchmarking with it.

    Now all you have to do is throw the games at it and see how well they preform. When I grow up I want one just like your's except I want the 690's :D :) Good luck to you and enjoy or rig.
  3. You don't need three GPU's to run three displays. You could actually run three displays off of one GTX 670 and in SLI you should be using the display outputs from only one of the GPU's. Are you running each display off of each of your GPU's or are you using the outputs from only one GPU?
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