Asus Xonar DG Not Recognized

Hello, i just installed my MSI GTX 670 OC and played some Natural Selection 2 to check performance.

Suddenly the screen froze, and i had to reset my pc. After it booted up, ran some 3DMark 11 to see if it was the cards fault, but nothing happened.

I then realized that my Xonar DG drivers werent running, and after clicking the shortcut a thousand times, it would not open.

Fastforward to device manager, it shows up as Multimedia Audio Controller with an Exclamation mark beside it.

This has never happened before, card ran perfectly until now. Cannot reinstall drivers, for it infinitely asks me to plug in my Xonar DG (which is plugged in!)

I read somewhere that MSI overvolted some of the 670 OC's and maybe the overvoltage caused the card to fry? An asus tech support gentlemen suggested that.

Thanks for any help!
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    Take the card out and in; might have come loose somehow. Barring that, totally remove the drivers and try re-installing them.
  2. Yeah that worked, not sure how it would've gotten loose through the 30 minutes of gameplay, but something happened.

    Much appreciated!
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