How to clean keycaps of mechanical keyboard?

guys just want to ask how to clean the keycaps of my cm quick fire rapid mechanical keyboard keycaps? i have noticed that the keys has blacks on it, probably dirt? or the prints are wearing off? how to clean this or do this? thanks..
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  1. Mix some deodorant in water and use an earbud to apply it on the keys and after some seconds wipe it off with a piece of cloth.

    It is better to open the keyboard and do it.
  2. You could just pop off the keys that need to be clean & clean them off, thats what I do on my TK. Another thing you could do is dip a cotton swob in some isopropyl & gently clean the keys.
  3. will it not damage the letters? well it wear off?
  4. Use deodorant and water it won't wear off the letter and also clean it.
  5. As Payturr has stated, I personally pop off every single key (a bit time consuming) and soak them in water and let them dry before putting it back on the keyboard. Don't forget there will be dirt under the keys, so taking the keys off will make it much easier to clean the keyboard.
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