Memory won't work in GA-71X

I've got a Gigabyte GA-7IX motherboard and I'm trying to use two PC100 256M SDRAM DIMMs. Both of them work by themselves, but if I put them both in at the same time Windows (and Linux and QNX and any other OS I try to load) won't boot properly. The motherboard supports up to 768 megs of RAM. The board supports this type of RAM (they work fine individually, just not together), and I've flashed the BIOS with the latest version. What's wrong?
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  1. I had the GA-7IXE4 board (bios vers'F8) with a similar problem of ram incompatibility. I basically swapped the positions around in different dimm slots until it was recognized and made sure they were well seated in the slots. I even removed one from a slot and put it back in the same dimm slot and it worked, go figure! But I hear that sometimes if they are not the same make model etc. this problem can happen, if the above doesn't work try and match one with a new one and see if you can return the other. Win9x has issues with over 512mb of ram, although there is a fix for it I believe.

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  2. I've got 3 memory banks in my motherboard, turns out the 2nd one is messed up or something. But, I've got one DIMM in the first bank and one in the third and it work's fine. WOOHOO! Half a gig of RAM :) Thanks for your help.
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