Possible Video Editing Rig


This is what im considering for my next system

Video Editing (using CS5)
I do some Mech Engineering on the side using Inventor Pro and some other Autodesk products (CAD, Rivet). This is not priority one as i don't want to max out my budget with an expensive workstation class card
Will be putting up BR movies on a 46" LED while working off the monitor listed in the build above

Considering a scratch disk for editing

I already have a WD 1.5TB media drive

What are the opinions on compatibility and the quality of the build as it relates to editing video on CS5.
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  1. The 560 is a gaming card, definitely better than nothing. But you'd benefit a lot more of you went with a workstation card like a Quadro from Nvidia.
  2. For roughly the same price, you can get a FirePro V5900 with an AMD FX-8120/GB GA-990XA-UD3 AM3+.

    Also -- it's not an AMD/Intel thing. Regardless of your eventual CPU/mobo hardware, you are a prime candidate for a workstation card.

    You could even drop down to a FirePro V4900 to help pay for that fancy keyboard/mouse :D
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