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I recently bought an iBuyPower computer and while playing Battelfield 3 it shuts off after two games. Not sure what's overheating or if my power supply is not enough. This is my set up:

Processor - Intel(R) Core (TM) i7-3820 cpu @ 3.6 GHz 64 bit
Graphics - Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 ti
Power Supply - AZZA alpha 700

My GPU temperature is about 80 degrees when i play, i heard that's not really hot for that type of graphics card. I have three fans, one on the back and two on the front. Not sure if the front ones even work. Anybody have any ideas of what I can do to keep my computer cooler or if i need to replace something? Thanks a lot!
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  1. The max temp on that card is 99c, (I presume you mean your temp is 80c) )if something is getting too hot you could reapply the thermal compound on your CPU (you have no clue who put it on there they could have been hungover) and Graphics card, I changed mine on a fairly new card and it dropped the temps several degrees, But you still have 19c before melt down, that PSU is Crap (no offence) get a better one,
  2. I presume your PC is shutting down right, not just the game, also do u have the newest nvidia drivers the have some new ones out that benifit BF3 and other games,
  3. Hi, yeah my PC shuts down. I've talked to some coworkers and they said i might need to upgrade my CPU fan like you said. Although im not quite sure how to reapply the thermal compound like you said. Either way thanks a lot for your input.
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