Nerve-racking PSU clicking =/

Today I just swapped out my old HDD with an Intel 520 series SSD. I'm still new to PC hardware and upgrading so I don't understand much about power supplies. I simply used the exact same SATA power cable that connected the old HDD to the PSU. It's got 6 wires. However, immediately after installing this new SSD, I started hearing this bone-chilling clunking sound coming from my PSU. I never once heard this sound before installing this SSD. The sound's loudness at first depending on the SSD load - if it was in heavy use (booting, installing, loading, etc) the clunking would be louder. If the SSD was idle, the clunking would be much quieter but still just faintly audible. Now it just does it loud all the time =(

It really doesn't sound like an arc, and it's been doing this for hours with no components being damaged and everything functioning properly, but this thing just sounds like a ticking time-bomb right now. I'm going to assume the worst and expect something terrible to happen if I continue using it. The PSU is a Corsair TX 850W.

I don't know exactly when it was bought but it's not very old by any stretch of imagination. Again it doesn't like like a short or arc, but it's a knocking/clunking sound as if something is moving around inside the PSU. It has a very distinct rhythm, 2 clicks at a time, almost like a click-on, click-off, pause, repeat pattern. Here's a video of it:

Does anyone have any idea what this might be? Is my PSU essentially doomed? =(
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  1. It could be the fan in the PSU - is it spinning up correctly? You don't show it in the video
  2. indeed it was a fan blocked by a wire. I feel really stupid, but it's still a huge sigh of relief!
  3. It happens man, play it safe :3
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