Overclocking AMD FX-6100

I have been overclock my AMD FX-6100 cpu trying to get to 4.4ghz. I am currently at 4.2ghz and it has been stable for days with no errors. The temps are still low and the mosfets are still cool.
My current config is this
When I change it to this
It is starts make a ton of errors in Prime95 on cores 3 and 4
I probably keeping the voltage too low. What is should it be set too and what would the be the max to not go over?

P.S. My temps never pass 49 degrees under 100% load.
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  1. It might be the fsb raised to high at 220. You have a unlocked multiplier and raising it to 21 would give you the same result.
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    Raising the multiplier is always a better way to go as opposed to raising your FSB.
  3. I'll try raise the multiplier instead of the FSB.
  4. You'll probably get the result you want!
  5. Raised the Multiplier and left the FSB @ 200
    Got 4.4ghz, and no errors, but temps were going way to high at the voltage need to make it stable.
    Going to keep it @ 4.2ghz.
    In the future I might get one of the 8 core Piledriver cpus and some watercooling. :D
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