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Problem started with the computer crashing and not staying on, so a friend asked me to talk a look at it, he had formatted the hard drive thinking it was a virus. Once I got a hold of it I ran all of the utility's that load from boot options the hard drive is fine, then it started shutting off and when it would boot different things would fail, cmos, system fan1 and so on, I checked the fan is fine, changed cmos battery. I have changed out the power supply for a new one and still I have problems with installing windows, I get to the starting windows and see a red dot from the animation then it stops when it loads up most of the time I get no display from its but the bios posts fans start up anyone have any ideas?
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  1. did you receive recovery cd with your system if not did your friend erase the recovery parts on the hdd when he format then if that answer is yes you will have to contact dell for help
  2. I should be able to install a linux os at least, I'm unable to install anything, everything hangs, I was in the process of installing and os on to a jump drive so I let the computer sit for a bit but now the display doesnt come on. With the os install problem, I'm guessing its the cd, or hd, but now the display, I have no idea where to start on fixing that.
  3. when you plug it on the wall outlet did you see the light that tel you it's on power and the one that show battery is charging to find if the system get any power
  4. Yes the computer now stays on, there is 1 beep (clearing cmos I'm guessing) fans start up but I have no display all of a sudden.
  5. did you have a external monitor you could plug on this ,the system could be active for external monitor and not the panel on it see your user manual how to switch to laptop panel and external monitor
  6. ok thanks, I'll check that.
  7. Checked that and nothing, I'm to the put I'm going to take it to a specialist and see what they can find.
  8. hope it could fix it for you
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