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Need a new router, mine is about to die

I have a Belkin N1 Vision which seems to be on its last legs, power keeps shutting off, I'll take it apart and see if I can fix it later.

My problem now is I need a new wireless router, would like to have some gigabit ports and I imagine the obligatory b/g/n wireless protocols. I game some online, not much, but I stream movies around the house, I will connect it to a 16-port gigabit switch and the whole house is cat 5e. I have around $200 bucks to spend, I'll go higher if it does the dishes too. Give me a clue as to the most flexible and configurable and speedy shiny toy available.

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    Netgear WNDR3700, WNDR4500
    Linksys E2000, E4200
    Asus RT-N56U
  2. I did some reading and ordered a WBDR4500. While it still seems to have some problems, it is new after all, I think it will be a good fit. The BIOS problems are strange though, seems people flash their BIOSs and stuff doesn't work, they do it again and it works. Maybe they arent following instructions well. But their techs seem activally engaged on the new and the older products.

    I will not purchase linksys again, since CISO bought them, their quality has dropped so far even dog crap is piled higher. They build too slimline to make it pretty without any care for heat buildup. I have a 8 port gigbit vpn router that is good at holding doors open after one of their BIOS updates killed it.
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