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Buying / Building NZB Indexing Server

December 28, 2012 3:46:33 AM


I setup a Linux server, on an old Dell, here at my house, for myself and a couple friends, that just does NZB indexing.
Well, I am thinking about either buying or maybe building my own server for it because this Dell is just not powerful enough.

Although I have decent experience with Linux and remote servers, I've never looked into owning a server so I am confused on if I should get a 1U, or 2U rackmount, or just buy new hardware for the Dell case I currently have.

So I'd really appreciate it if somebody could point me in a direction about server hardware, rackmounts, why you would need hot swappable power supplies, SAS, if rackmounts can have CD-ROM drives, do they use normal sized hard drives.

I understand these questions are probably pretty stupid but I can't seem to get the right answers, or websites, with my Google searches.