Processor model i5-3317u

So is this processor really s--t ?
Most benchmarks I read compare it to all
I7s which it would be a worse performer
Against. The reviews lackluster so I wonder why
Intel built it, released it this year and have not improved it. Further, why are top tier machines like the Acer M utilizing it.

Am I misunderstanding this ? Appreciate any insight.

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  1. The Core i5-3317U is a ULV CPU; ultra low voltage. These CPUs run at relatively low speeds to reduce power consumption; both the CPU and the iGPU. One of the several requirements for a thin laptop to be considered an Ultrabook is the use of a ULV CPU, such as the i5-3317U.

    If you do not want a ULV CPU that lowers performance for better battery life, then do not bother with Ultrabooks.
  2. Convertible laptops also use ULV CPUs so you should avoid them as well if performance is your main concern.
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