Recently built a new PC

Asus P8Z68-X LX
Nvidia GTX 660 Ti
Intel i7 3770k
2TB Seagate HDD
16GB G.Skill Ram
1050w Cooler Master PSU

I finished my build today, and it boots up perfectly fine, runs for 20+ minutes, but never displays on my monitor.

Any thoughts on what my problem could be?
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  1. The HDD is a bare drive, if that makes any difference.
  2. you installed windows 7 I presume,do you hear any beeps from the pc when starting (assuming you connected the little case speaker )you can take out all but one stick of memory and try that, also did you enter the bios and tweak the settings, you can also try a cmos reset,
  3. Upon first startup, it will not display.. I haven't been able to boot from CD to install Windows due to that. I'll try taking all but 1 stick of mem out.
  4. Are you using DVI or HDMI? Make sure your monitor is set to the right one. Make sure that you connected the 6 pin connectors to the side of the GFX card.
  5. Also, try plugging your HDMI/DVI cable into the onboard video. You may need to configure the bios to use the PCI-E card.
  6. Been using HDMI, tried on 2 different monitors. (From onboard to monitor1 then monitor2 then gfx card to mon1 then mon2)
    I've got 2 six pin connectors run to the gfx card when I tried with it aswell.

    About to go get a DVI cable to try with it..
  7. Tried with VGA, DVI, and HMDI. No luck. Following this troubleshooting guide now:
    I'll tell you if I have any luck.
  8. -.- No luck.. could it be that I'm trying to run a 3770k i7 on the P8Z68-V LX?
    I glanced through something saying I might have to flash my bios to upgrade it..

    Any guides someone could link me to for that?
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