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I have a Gateway GT5238E desktop machine and I want to upgrade the CPU. Motherboard is INTEL DG965L VG1 Love Valley G Motherboard. Current CPU is Intel Core Duo E6300. I want to replace current CPU with the E7600. Specs look like they match, runs at same FSB as E6300 but faster clocking and 3MB cache. Questions: Do you see any problems with this upgrade? Any BIOS settings I need to or should change? and last is this the optimum CPU upgrade or is there a better choice?. Thanks for your help.
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  1. Getting a newer PC is more significant an upgrade. Otherwise a core 2 quad would make more sense.
  2. Please don't post your email.

    The Core2 E-series is pretty outdated and expensive by now. How much are you willing to spend on upgrading your PC?
  3. It will likely cost you about $300-400 to find a chip that old...

    For that money you could do something like this:

    That build is $374 and should do all the websurfing and such that you want...if you want to run games, you can add a discreet GPU later to run the newer games
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