Hello guys and gals! I've bene looking at this site for a long time and decided to ask you guys if you could help me out here.
I have finally got my 3rd monitor and looking forward to Nvidia Surround since I use their cards. My question is will 1- EVGA GTX 670 SC 4GB run current games like BF3 and such, at decent settings in surround without problems or should I go ahead and get a second one? EVGA site has offered me a 2nd card for 300 combo deal on live chat, with an email quote to save, that is good for 10 days. I currently have an alienware aurora r3. Sry I dont know exact model numbers or brands but it has 12G RAM, I7-2600,(non -k), 1000g hdd, 875w PSU (multi GPU Certified), running 2 gt-545 in sli. This will be a huge upgrade with just one 1 new 670 I hope!! I use 3 Acer S232hl abid 23" 1920-1080. Any ideas on if I should get a 2nd card or not, or if 1- 670 SC 4GB will be fine for atleast 50+ FPS in surround? Thanks ahead of time :)
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  1. If you have that type of budget and that great deal, I'd say go for it. :)
  2. HAHA yeah, its sitll 300 bucks. But would one be enough for playable fps in surround atleast? Say high-ultra 50+ fps? Dont really wanna spend the extra 300 bucks if I don't need to ya know.
  3. Yes, the 4GB of VRAM is capable of handling 3D and multi-monitor setups while playing at a high resolution. So, 1 card one would be sufficient.
  4. Heck, I'd get them both, then if it runs good on just one, sell the 2nd one for a profit!!
  5. I'm not seeing any reviews of the 4GB model but here's a link to the Battlefield 3 page of the guru3d review of 2- and 3-way SLI for the 2GB version. They only go as high as 2560x1600 resolution, which is about 2/3rds the resolution of 3 monitors at 1920x1080. So you can guesstimate from that, assuming it is not being bottlenecked by its 2GB of memory and also assuming that a 4GB model wouldn't be bottlenecked at 5760x1080, that you would get about 2/3rds the framerate. So, for example, a single 4GB card might get 24fps at 5760x1080 instead of 36fps at 2560x1600, and two cards in SLI might get 45fps instead of 68. This would be a pretty rough estimate though and I'm sure the actual numbers would be a bit different but it's the best guess I can make.

    Keep in mind that:

    All test runs have enabled:

    Ultra mode
    4x MSAA enabled
    16x AF enabled
    HBAO enabled
    Level: Operation Swordbreaker

    So if you turn down the settings a bit you would get even better framerates.
  6. Hi guys , what you think is better for single monitor @ 1080P

    ASUS GeForce GTX 670 Direct CU II TOP vs evga gtx 670 sc 4gb , i cant set my mind :S
  7. Roeded04 - That is a great deal! If you don't mind the extra heat/noise of SLI then go for it. One card will do fine but if you want to keep frames above 60 all the time while enjoying high settings you should pull the trigger on two of those beauties. You'll have a very powerful setup and 4gbs should be plenty of vram for surround for years to come.
  8. Ok, sounds like 2 is the way to go! Now the only issue is getting my wife onboard haha. The thing is im pretty sure anyone can get a deal with EVGA if you talk to a real person and not just click and buy sight unseen. I highly encourage you guys to talk to a person when buying a card, chances are it will work out well for you. Thanks for the help guys. Seeya on the battlefield!
  9. Roeded04 said:
    Now the only issue is getting my wife onboard haha.

    ;) Haha been there, done that. 2 cards are only worth it if she just gives you the run-of-the-mill 'evil eye' for a few weeks! Any more than that and it'll be far less painful to get by with one!
  10. Hi guys , what you think is better for single monitor @ 1080P

    ASUS GeForce GTX 670 Direct CU II TOP vs evga gtx 670 sc 4gb , i cant set my mind :S .. am buying soon please give gimme a help
  11. Grab the EVGA, the Asus ones have had a few problems with the software, EVGA has excellent customer service in case you ever need to contact them.
  12. ok thanks you very much
  13. I can vouch from personal experience with my evga gtx 670 sc+ 4gb. I run bf3 at 1920x1080 with all settings maxed, and rarely do I ever see the frame rate drop below 60. It never, I repeat, never drops below 50 though. It usually stays at a steady 60 fps, and when *** hits the fan gets around 55 or so (this is with vsync). She also runs metro 2033 max at 1080p smoothly as well. I was thinking about putting another one in for SLI but you know what? This thing destroys every game I play at 1080p, so SLI may be down the road later, but not now. My suggestion? Definitely buy it if you can, a slight overclock will make this card jump past the gtx 680 performance mark with no problem.
  14. I have this card and it's very powerful. It combined with the MSI z77 GD65 and 16GB G-Skill memory at 2400.
    Eats BF3 for breakfast. NO need to overclock my i7 3770k as well. NO need for SLI.
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