New MOBO and CPU but can't POST

I've been reading forums for a couple hours now and I still can't figure out what is going on and so I hope someone smarter than I am can lend some advice. I built my system a few years ago but I needed an upgrade and I bought a new MOBO, CPU and RAM. First go around I plugged everything in and I think (from what I have read) I shorted the motherboard by improperly putting in the CPU fan into the MOBO. My cooler had a 3 pin plug and the MOBO has a 4 pin and I'm guessing I put it in the wrong 3. Anyway I powered it on and after a couple seconds I smelled burning and immediately flipped it off. On closer inspection I saw there was some physical damage (burn mark) on the board by the CPU fan pins.

I bought a new board (same model) and powered it on a few times with just the fans to make sure I plugged it in correctly this time. I plugged everything else in (video card, CPU, ram, monitor ect) and powered it on but nothing came up on the monitor. It wont POST or go to BIOS. I have tried a few trouble shooting suggestions for similar problems (i.e. no POST) but I can't figure out what is wrong with mine still.

Is it possible I damaged the CPU during the first attempt? I literally had the power on for less than 3 seconds (not sure if amount of time even matters). The CPU looked undamaged and smelt normal so I assumed I dodged a bullet but now I don't know.

Some other people suggested it might be the RAM. When I bought the new RAM off NewEgg, I saw other systems posted with the same MOBO and RAM I'm using but they probably knew what they were doing. However, on Gigabytes website, it says it does not use any 8GB G Skill. Outdated list or simply wrong memory?

Here's my specs:
Gigabyte 990 fxa-ud3
AMD 8150 FX
G Skill 2x8GB 1866 DD3
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    try some different ram if you can, also remove all but one stick,,,see what happens Ive never seen a board fry from a fan hook up athree pin fan will run in the four pin connecter the 4th pin is for PWM(pulse width modulation) it lets the MB know there is a fan spinning and if it goes below a certain rpm it sounds an alarm noise or shuts down the pc, are you sure the PSU is delivering the right amount power.
  2. Yeah I have no idea why it burned. Weird. But I do now have just 1 stick of ram in the #1 slot and still no luck. I unfortunately only have 2 sticks of DDR3, both the 1866. I will ask some people I know if they have a stick but for now I'm stuck with that. All the other ram I have is DDR2.

    Yeah, sorry, I forgot to say that I had a 650w Power Supply. I am not sure how to tell if its delivering the right amount of power to things. I just know the fans go on for the VC, CPU and other 2 fans. The heat sink on the CPU (the 8150 came with a liquid cooling unit) also lights up when I power it on but now that I think of it, I did notice the 2 fans on the radiator unit (connected to the heat sink) do spin slower than I expected.
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