LED monitor & HDTV setup?

I'm getting ready to buy a new system. I'll be using it for gaming, and watching movies. I don't need to do both at the same time. I've got a LED monitor right now (1920 x 1080), which will be for gaming. I also want to hook up an HDTV (I don't have yet - I'll be going with one around 40 inches) for watching movies (from hard drive.)

My question is, can I do this? With the following set-up? Will a different GPU work better? With a CPU that has an integrated GPU, is that GPU/mobo-connecter still available when a separate GPU card is installed? (I'm guessing not. Still curious though.)

How would *you* accomplish this, having a gaming monitor and a HDTV ran from a new PC? I don't expect to be able to actually play games while watching movies - but at least be able to surf the net/run graphics editing programs.


Intel Core i5-3570 3.3GHz Ivy

Sapphire Radeon HD 7850

Please, any constructive input/suggestions are appreciated!!

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  1. Your setup is fine. The video card ( the 7850 & any PCIe graphics card for that matter ) will have DVI & HDMI/VGA output ports to connect with the Monitor & the HDTV and be active at the same time.

    The 7850 is a good card for gaming & for playing movies/editing. You can explore the Virtu feature of the Z77 & check if it works better for you with regards to graphics editing (I'm not familiar with it myself as I do not video editing)...
  2. I wouldn't worry about on-board graphics. Your HD 7850 is more than capable of handling your needs. My all-purpose system is set up this way. It's connected to my LCD monitor for gaming, web surfing, etc... But it's also connect to my projector (extended mode) for displaying Netflix/Hulu videos on the big screen.

    Not sure how well this set up works for multi-tasking. Audio would seem to be an issue for me.

    -Wolf sends
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