Would you make this CPU/MOBO switch?

Currently I have a 965BE at 4.0ghz on a cheapy board. (ga-78lmt-s2p. no usb 3.0 or sata 3 and only pcie 2.0) The rest of my specs are in my sig.

My local Microcenter is running a deal where if I buy an i3 3225 I get this board for free:

I know that there wouldn't be much of a difference between my current setup and an i3 but it would be nice to have an updated board and the ability to go i5 later this summer.

Would you guys go for it?

The CPU would cost me $119 and the board would be free.
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  1. Take a look at this:,3106-5.html

    You are jumping two categories...the free board can serve you well for a nice upgrade to ivy bridge if you wanted.

    I personally would go for it since the motherboard is free :P
  2. u should get the for sure
  3. bump for more opinions.
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