My biostar a780l3g motherboard isnt displaying anything on the screen

i also have a graphics card and it doesnt also show anythnig on my monitor.
Here is there stuff i have
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  1. Please someone help me ive been waiting so long for all of my stuff and it doesnt work, i would be so thankful is someone could help me fix this problem.
  2. sones the cpu and case fans spin up and are there any led glowing on the mb. this will tell you if your case power supply is good or not. (the DiabloTek ps are know to be bad and cheap). if the fan twitch you may have a working power supply but you connected something wrong or you grounded out the mb to the case. i dont know if you built any pc before but check that you used the brass standoff that came with the case.
    make sure the read case i/o shield is not shorting out the mb.
    on the mb there are two power cables needed a 24 pin axt power plug and then near the cpu will be a 4 or 8 pin white atx plug.
    both of these need to be connected.
    the last issue is on the mb case header...if you put the power/reset/led on the wrong pins the mb wont power on. (you can take a jumper ot screw driver and tuch to two power on pin to see if the mb power on if you think your case switch has an issue.
    a lot of time the cases use a cable that connects to a small board in the case and the cable is lose on the end connected to the small board.
  3. Yes I have never build a computer but my cousin has build 2, and he didnt know what was wrong so i called my other cousin and computer building is what hes majored in and he cant even figure out the problem. Well when i turn it on the cpu fan and the power supply fan turn on and thats it.
  4. Oh ya and there isnt any lights that turn on and also when i turn it off i have to do it from the back
  5. Does anyone else have any ideas?
  6. take the mb out of the case and bread board outside the case to see if your shorting the mb out.
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