Bought desk, little wobbly, take it back?

So I bought a new desk because my previous one had terriable ergonomicts. (My my wirst yurt etc) And my new desk is really jice ergonomict wise (90degree angles etc) It just wobbles if you shake it. It's only noticable really when you deliberty shake it. I got it for 120$ (Self-Assembled :|)

tl:dr: It wobbles but It's comfortable.
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  1. Is the surface (floor) all even? I wouldn't mind if it only wobbles if you give it a good shake. How much of a wobble is it? Big or small wobble?
  2. It's a desk that requires a rug/carpet underneath. -(No rubber stoppers) And when I do shake it it's not too dramatic. It doesn't shake at all side to side, just forward back.
  3. Well its up to you now, if its a nuisance to you then return it. Check if all the legs of the desk are tight.
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