Logon Process Initialization Failure

Wondering if you of you techie guys out there could immediately respond to the problem here ' Interactive logon process initialization has failed please consult the event log for more details'. Now I couldn't go pass this message to log on the system to get to the desktop after a boot scan by AVAST antivirus run. The message just hang in there with no log on screen. Need your tips.
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  1. reboot? legitimate version of windows?
  2. can you press f8 on boot and select repair?

    if so use this to try a restore point from before the problem--or automatic startup repair

    if not you may have to use a live cd to browse to the event log--then copy the event log read it on another pc then

    copy a working copy of the corrupt file back to the faulty pc--this is a bit more complicated though

    the event log should be somewhere like

  3. gotta love the immediate response required and then going quiet for 7 hours (theres a double post from 3 hours previous to this first post)
  4. I Have this same problem but my laptop is a netbook and has no CD drive. Also can this be performed with any other windows 7 or must it be the same like home basic/home basic etc
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