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Hey guys. I am new to computer building although I do have a good amount of knowledge about it, through some research. I am looking to build a gaming rig without paying to much. This is my build so far please let me know of anything you would do differently anything that i should downgrade/upgrade and anyway that i can save money.

Intel i5 2500k
Gtx 560ti
2x 4gb ddr3 1600 corsair vengeance as the motherboard
Case :
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  1. I really can't recommend that GTX 560 TI. Not with the GTX 660 Ti coming out in a few days and the GTX 570 being very slightly more money. Also, the Radeon HD 7850 is more powerful and the same price, and the Radeon HD 7870 is more powerful then either the GTX 560 ti or GTX 570 and can be found for a little be less then $300.
  2. will the 660 ti also be under 300? Should i add any fans to the case? can you suggest a cd drive for me? all i will need to do is install windows .
  3. The GTX 660 Ti is probably going to be about a $300 card.

    Really any $16 SATA DVD Drive will be fine. As far as adding case fan, get the system, see how it performs, what kind of temps it hits, etc... then decide if you want or need more fans, or if it'll just add to the noise.

    Also that motherboard is rather limited for the price. If you're getting a 2500K CPU, then you don't need the Z77 Chipset or PCI-E 3.0. You can get a more capable mobo for the same price.
  4. It should be $299.99 USD.
  5. Are there any hard drives that you would suggest? I am relatively budget so I doubt i can go ssd. I am looking for an affordable well performing 1tb drive? Btw thank you so much
    oh an as far as the power source goes? I don't have much of a clue. I don't want it to be super loud but at the same time not to pricey? how about?
  6. Just a basic Western Digital Blue 1TB is a good mix of performance and price.

    As for PSU, this is a much better choice.
  7. Alright sure thanks aloootttt. Do you have any other suggestions ? Is there anything i should know when building this any good references ?
  8. Maximum PC has some good photo guides, if it's your first build. Feel free to PM with an problems you run into, I'm glad to help. Overall this will a good budget gaming build.
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