Very strange issue - computer wants to start...but it won't.

Dear fellow forum members,

Last night computer was running fine, decided to put it in sleep mode and go to bed. Woke up and tried to fire it back up via keyboard(since it was in sleep) and no go. Then I pressed the power go. Proceeded to unplug the PSU cord and plug it back in. Pressed power, and started to get what I mentioned in the title. I get a brief power up (3 seconds) where all fans(case, gpu, cpu), psu, and HDD fire up but no noise from the mobo...then it shuts off.

After it shuts off I will press NOTHING....after approx 3-5 seconds it will have a ghost power up with the same results.

Then it will have another similar ghost power up(with all compontents running), only this time I will get a single beep from the mobo(i think thats good) and the bios screen will actually pop up on the monitor. Since I had reset the CMOS already I tried getting into the bios menu in order to reset it to default settings(as mobo menu directs), but nothing happens and it simply powers itself off again after about 5-10 seconds on the bios menu.

This process will repeat itself indefinitely without me touching a single button. Remember all components are firing up as well as the fans, the only thing I'm unsure about is the RAM.

The only steps I have taken are: 1. Reset the CMOS 2. Made sure nothing was shorting the MOBO, made sure all power leads were plugged in properly. 3. Unseated and reseated the RAM.

I am about to just take apart the whole damn thing and put it back together, but I figured I would come on here first before I did so. Rig is in my sig. Built approx. 1 year ago with no issues between the build date on now.

Do you guys have any ideas on what would be causing these sporadic power ons/offs? Ways to troubleshoot? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you kindly,

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  1. Hmmm, thats strange.

    *Did you recently had any power outages?

    *Try connecting your PSU to another power outlet

    *Do you have a voltage regulator?

    *Do you smell any burnt electronics in your case?

    *Try to detach your motherboard from the case but leave it there, simply unplug every cable of the case from the motherboard and turn your PC ON by the switch in the back of your PSU

    *Do you hear the HDD spin? is it properly connected? try connecting it to a different sata port

    *Can you test your system with a different PSU?

    *Can you test your system with a different hard drive? i have a feeling that your hard drive is the problem
  2. Did you put the things on the motherboard that help raise it so it doesn't touch the metal?
  3. addison said:
    Did you put the things on the motherboard that help raise it so it doesn't touch the metal?

    hmmm... he said that his computer was working fine so by logic you can deduce that the stand off were placed. :D
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