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Hello community,

I am considering upgrading my audio setup which currently consists of on-board audio with a pair of Koss KSC75s. I will primarily want to upgrade to something that is gaming>music oriented (although I am somewhat of an audiophile, as I have good sensitive hearing)

I have 2 choices with my $150 budget:

1. Get a good soundcard and use my KSC 75s with them.

2. Get a good headset and use my on-board audio with it.

Additionally, my mic is giving off background noise, will it be fixed if I change the mic or if I get a soundcard?

Thank You!
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  1. Get a good headset.
  2. jsrudd said:
    Get a good headset.

    umm...any more details? Any recommendations?

    I would prefer a headset with excellent soundstage and good bass.


    Okay don't worry, no answers have come in. The community Head-fi probably can help me more on audio.
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