Should I upgrade to 660ti or keep my 7850

Currently, I have XFX Double D 7850... I wondering if I should sell it and get a 660ti or should I just keep it for now?
The 7850 is currently only 3 months old. And If I'm going to sell it, where should I sell it?
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  1. Keep it, the 7850 is fine for now, by time you need a REAL upgrade the GTX 760ti would be on the market :s
  2. Might want to wait to see how the 660 ti preforms all the stuff on the net right makes it confusing and if i was you i wait for sites that are reliable and professional to test it if it does preform a little better than a 7950 i would upgrade if i was you but not yet and if you want to sell it ebay is option
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