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Buying a new SoundCard for Gaming with Logitech Z906 5.1

December 28, 2012 9:06:35 AM

Im looking at buying a new audio card mostly for gaming, but also for watching movies and lots of trailers as im a gametrailer creater.

I first saw the Xonar essence ST and i actually orderd this one, but than i noticed that it dosnt have 5.1 analog.
And from what iv read i think that analog has a lot better audio on the Z906 Speakers than it has with optical.

Than its the ASUS XONAR PHOEBUS 7.1, looks cool and everything but is it any good compared to the others?
And that knobe(extra controller) I have no use for it, who would need this with a proper audio system?

This one i did not understand quit, how do i hook it up with my speaker system?
Is it only optical?

This seems like a good shoot, but its 7.1 i dont need that.

Creative SB Recon3D Fatal1ty Champion
Now this card really appeals to me. It got a red light from it, which is awsome for my black red case. It is 5.1 with analog.
A feature allowing you to hear footstepps that are far away, better. + for CS gamers if it works.
I also like the front panel that it comes with.
And than theres the Stereo microphone.

Aside from all the cool features i want good sound quality for my system.
So which one should i go with?