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Rise in sapphire 6850 temp with multi-monitor

hello all,

I recently made use of my 6850's capabilities and went from a single to 3 monitor setup. is it normal for the idle temps of the GPU to rise almost 13C to 62 at this point?

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    Yes because it's not truly running at idle anymore. Adding the extra monitors causes the clocks to be higher than normal idle therefore producing more heat.
  2. temperature is rising because of gpu more usage:)like when we are playing games the temperature of gpu and cpu increases because of usage so when u are using three monitors the temperature increases.:)
  3. Yup it's normal........
    more monitor more workload........

    (in my case single mon the gpu clock stays 137mhz with multi never drop bellow 400mhz in idle)
  4. great, thanks for the quick confirmation
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